Take the Mystery Out of Protecting Your Assets

Get A Practical And Effective Plan To Protect Your Investments
Customized Protection Plan
Worry-Free Maintenance
Peace of Mind Promise

Protecting Your STR Investments and Other Assets Should Not Be A Mystery

Without A Clear and Effective Plan To Protect Your Short-Term Rentals, You Will Be…

▸  Putting Your Hard-Earned Profits And Equity Will Be At Risk▸  Less Likely To Build Or Invest Your Portfolio
▸ Worried If You Have The Right Strategy▸  Paying Unnecessary Costs for Entity Maintenance
▸ Leaving A Financial Mess For Your Loved Ones

Avoid Confusion

Receive a Customized Protection Plan in a clear, easy-to-follow visual format.

Worry Free Maintenance

Never worry about yearly reporting requirements or how to stay in compliance with your asset-protection plan.

Peace of Mind

Never worry again about whether your assets are at risk.

We Care About You. Have A Plan That Protects And Provides Clarity!

Layered Protection Strategies Help You Decide What Plan Works For You

Custom Plans Provided For Real Estate Investors

We Answer All Your Questions And Help You Save Time And Money With Your Needs

How To Get Started:

Speak to one of our most experienced attorneys that will listen to your concerns and answer your questions.

We will break down the information you provide us and give you a clear plan of what to expect next and what your options are to best position yourself for success.

Let us provide you immediate help and guidance.

Asset Protection Entities And Short-Term Rental Legal Services:

Limited Liability Company

When considering what asset protection strategies are effective for your short-term rental and other real estate investing, you must first identify the types of assets you own: no risk, low risk or high risk.

Limited Partnership

Asset Protection strategies for high-risk assets, such as short-term rentals (Airbnb’s and VRBO’s), should consider all possible entity structures available under the law to provide a comprehensive strategy for the most protection, ease of use and maintenance.

How Trusts Protect Your Short-Term Rental Properties

Trusts have long been seen as an effective tool for asset protection and estate planning. However, many short-term rental investors have been confused over how a trust should be incorporated into an asset protection strategy that provides protection, flexibility, and control.

Customized Short-Term Rental Protection Plan

The goal of any asset protection strategy should be to make you smaller target for lawsuits and creditors by separating the ownership of your assets from the use and control of those assets.

How To Maintain Your Asset Protection Plan

The number one goal of a short-term rental investor should be to protect the investments they have worked hard to obtain. This is achieved through a comprehensive asset protection plan that provides clarity and peace of mind. What happens after your short-term rental protection plan is completed?

STR Contract Packages

Trying to figure out how to protect your short-term rental portfolio can be confusing and overwhelming. With a Customized Asset Protection plan from STR Law Guys, you will have a clear, easy-to-understand plan that provides protection and worry-free maintenance so that you can focus on what you do best: growing your short-term rental portfolio.


At STR Law Guys, we know that you are focused on being a successful short-term rental investor. In order to do that, you need the peace of mind and protection for your investments. The problem is that short-term rentals are a high-risk asset, which can make you feel worried about what would happen if you became the target of a lawsuit. We believe you should not have to feel confused or unsure when it comes to an asset protection plan, which is why we have developed a layered asset protection strategy for hundreds of real estate investors.


Here is how we do it:

Book A Strategy Meeting
Receive A Custom Visual With A Plan Of Action
Complete The Plan & Sleep Sound Knowing Your Hard-Earned STR Portfolio Is Protected!

So, Book Now. In the meantime, here are 5 ways an Asset Protection Plan will give you peace of mind. At STR Law Guys, our goal is for you to stop worrying about protecting your short-term rental assets and instead, focus on growing your short-term rental profits!

5 Strategies To Protect Your Short Term Rentals And Give You Peace Of Mind

A Case Study Of A Short-Term Rental Investor Asset Protection Plan

The Ultimate Guide To Short-Term Rental Insurance Protection

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